Letter from the Owner


My name is Victoria Ani, Lead Designer + Owner of Truth and Trinkets. Truth and Trinkets (T&T) is a Christian jewelry and accessories brand, purposed with the mission to remind you who you are and who the Lord has called you to be.🤍

Having gone through a series of trials in my personal life, I was often encouraged by intentionally focusing on truth - the Word of God. Out of all the resources surrounding me, nothing was more helpful than speaking and praying scripture over myself when I needed to get through the most trying times. I'd often considered getting tattoos for messages I wanted to see daily and frequently. I would put sticky notes by my bedside, mirror - anywhere I could be reminded quickly and often.

While selling jewelry in undergrad, I briefly came across scripture jewelry, but the designs were not impressive to me. I liked the idea of jewelry with a purpose and wondered how I could be a solution. I knew there had to be ways to bring excellence and class to the design of Christian jewelry and accessories.  A few years of researching and designing and T&T made its debut in 2016. 

God has been faithful. I am continuously in awe of the testimonies that pour in from patrons as yourself. It is my hope and prayer that the accessibility and design of these reminders truly changes your life and inspire you to spread this truth with those around you. 

With much love and blessings,

Victoria Ani

Believer + Wife + 3x Girl Mom + Truth Lover + Creative